This is essential, particularly for those who are time poor. She comes to every meeting prepared, whether that be a summary of previous sales or if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, she is ready to lead a discussion to help you understand the best fit for your lifestyle.

Julie goes above and beyond to fit your brief. She listens to your requirements, offers tactful suggestions to keep your expectations realistic and will be honest with her recommendations. Unlike many representatives of this industry, Julie does not set unrealistic expectations.

Julie is committed to meeting the brief. We asked Julie to find us a ‘property in need of help’ to buy and boy did she. In a highly competitive market, Julie found a gem. We had discounted the property initially but it was Julie who convinced us to seriously consider the property. She managed all the due diligence, spoke at length to the council, attended the open for inspections and dealt with the agent. We had not viewed the property until auction day but I was confident in Julie’s recommendation.

Julie is who you want representing you at auction – she was the utmost professional while we were filled with emotion and stressed during the tense auction. She knows how to work an auction and she won’t be bullied by auctioneers.

If it weren’t for Julie we would still be looking for a property and our marriage would have suffered.

I can not recommend Julie highly enough. Who has time to search, undertake due diligence, attend countless open for inspections, knowing it’s almost impossible to detach from your emotions during any property purchase/auction.

Alex & Bish

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