Purchasing a property is sometimes the biggest financial investment you will make.  Walking with you through the processes, whether you are a first home buyer, investor, busy professional, outsourcing negotiation or have lost hope in the property market, our unbiased assistance and  in depth research will assist you in making it a reality.

Our market expertise and strategic advice includes a wealth of knowledge for negotiating and understanding price trends as well as the demographics of individual suburbs, making your final decision an easy process.

We act exclusively on your behalf and in your best interest to fulfil your property requirements and purchases.

Here is what some of our clients say……..

Julie’s standout quality is her efficiency. This is essential, particularly for those who are time poor. She comes to every meeting prepared, whether that be a summary of previous sales or if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, she is ready to lead a discussion to help you understand the best fit for your lifestyle.

Julie goes above and beyond to fit your brief. She listens to your requirements, offers tactful suggestions to keep your expectations realistic and will be honest with her recommendations. Unlike many representatives of this industry, Julie does not set unrealistic expectations.

Julie is committed to meeting the brief. We asked Julie to find us a ‘property in need of help’ to buy and boy did she. In a highly competitive market, Julie found a gem. We had discounted the property initially but it was Julie who convinced us to seriously consider the property. She managed all the due diligence, spoke at length to the council, attended the open for inspections and dealt with the agent. We had not viewed the property until auction day but I was confident in Julie’s recommendation.

Julie is who you want representing you at auction – she was the utmost professional while we were filled with emotion and stressed during the tense auction. She knows how to work an auction and she won’t be bullied by auctioneers.

If it weren’t for Julie we would still be looking for a property and our marriage would have suffered.

I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. Who has time to search, undertake the due diligence, attend countless open for inspections and it’s almost impossible to detach from your emotions during an auction.

Alex & Bish

“I worked with Julie on the recent purchase of our property in Vaucluse. I originally thought I did not need a buyers agent because both myself  and my partner work in the property industry.  We both work with Real Estate agents on a daily basis. It was during the search of our own property to live in that I realized the invaluable nature of having a top performing buyers agent.

My partner and I fell head over heels in love with a property and quickly realized the difficulty of negotiating with the selling agent. I have never experienced stress levels so high until Julie came into the picture. She was incredible! Truly I have never seen a real estate agent work so hard on our behalf. Let me re-iterate: I have worked with hundreds of real estate agents over the years in my professional job. Julie kept a level head and more importantly kept me and my partner cool and calm during the negotiations. She gave us important advice at critical moments during the negotiation. She was always available to talk and put together a very strong strategy for obtaining the property. At the end of a very long 3 days we finally secured the property. It will soon be our new home and the start of my future with my partner. None of this would have been possible if not for Julie. I used to think that a beautiful property was for other people. I thought in order for us to purchase we would have to compromise and buy something we didn’t really love. Julie made our dream a reality.

I sing Julie’s praises to anyone that will listen. She manages my parent’s property portfolio and there is no one else that I would trust to my property purchases and rentals other than Julie. You will not find a more hard working and truly dedicated Real Estate agent in the field.  She is the person I now turn to for any advice regarding property including advice on renovations and investments. She is a perfect package of knowledge and trustworthy personality and that makes Julie a ‘one of a kind’

Property is your largest and most expensive asset in your life and it can change the direction of your life depending on the choices you make. For me, I would not leave that up to anyone. If you are serious about property, Julie is your lady.



I was so impressed with Julie’s ability to engage with my tenant (the local agent couldn’t even get past the front door) and sell my property quickly, and for a great price, that I commissioned her as my Buyers Agent. Julie treated the search like her own. She was tireless in her effort in dealing with councils, agents and even a draftsman to genuinely find me the right property and really put my mind at ease. Best money I’ve ever spent.

Blown away, I appointed Julie to project manage a renovation “Selling Houses Australia” style to ensure my sale exceeded the market and maximised my return. Once again, Julie was relentless in her pursuit of perfection. This culminated in a sale at a price I’d never have achieved with a local agent.

Julie McDermott is the best agent I’ve dealt with by far – she actually delivers! I can’t rave about her enough.

Luke Iemma”

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